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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4...

...and I'm still on track!! So far we've read

the story of creation: completely fascinating--as a writer (wannabe, anyway) I find the use of God speaking the Word (Jesus) and everything coming into being to be astonishing. Just another proof that God's words have power! The way all aspects of the Trinity had a hand in the creation is a beautiful part of the story as well. I love how the writer of the story tells the general story of each day of creation so we have an overview, then gets all the details afterward, like how Eve was created and why. And why does God use the phrase 'you shall surely die' regarding the eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why use the word 'death' when it wasn't a physical death? I know it's spiritual, or even the death of their perfect life, but why 'death'?

the lineage of Jesus: another fascinating account to see who God used throughout the history of Israel--flawed human beings--to carry out the most important of all divine plans

Noah and the ark: the beginning of the covenant of God and man; a continuation of the strife between brothers, which seems to be a major theme throughout history, in this case, Ham and his sons will become the servants of his brothers' sons.

Psalms 1-4: a major theme here being that God is our salvation--he keeps us safe (Ps. 4:8)--he watches our path (Ps. 1)--he lifts our head (Ps 3)--he is our joy (Ps 2)

And I've just scratched the surface!

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